Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kayla & Jenny.....

This was at Kayla's Graduation with her Aunt Jenny. Jenny Loves Kayla so much. Kayla is turning 18 the 14th, I hope to have pictures to share after our day together, but for now here she is on a very special night for us all. Love, Grandma

Today is my Birthday

Now that we live in Idaho, we are far from the California today we are having a Bar-B-Que at the Lake. Kayla (my Granddaughter ) and I share our Birthday. It's hard to believe we were ever this young....with that said, I am living my life with a smile in my heart. Good days and some not so good it is a Journey I am happy to be taking....I Love and I am loved and that is the reason to be....My Birthday wish is to find a new adventure everyday and to remember the gift is the day. Gaytha dug the hole and Arney put me in it, they were having just to much fun....with 4 new sisters, you had to have a since of humor.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They start voting today....

The intree's are all in for the contest. This was really alot of fun, maybe I will do it again sometime. If you would like to see all the special things that was done with this theme, go to Mind Wide Open and check us out.
The link is in my friends list. Have a great day, Mary Evans

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gail's art challenge...Mind Wideopen

The box is made from a stationary cardboard box. I removed the outside embellishments and added the old writing. Then I took the picture I call Sara and placed her in the center. Then I placed napkin on the box and the words and used glue to adher them. The flower I placed on the top is from my Lavender garden. The ring at the bottom is from my Great-Aunt Addy. I have opened the box so that you can see at the top framed by tiny buttons a baby picture of Sara. And her Sisters are to the left. In the box is a picture of her Grandmother, letters and her first ABC book as she was learning her alphabet. Lavender from my garden. A locket with her Mother and father, she lost the chain. A river rock she found down on the Snake River. Keys to the doors in her Grandmothers house. Her buttons from favorite dresses. The yellow Marble she won from her cousin Carolyn in the picture down front. These are Sara's treasures.
This is my first time to join in on a contest....the picture of the girl in the oval is what we had to work with, and the word was "Remembrance" So I made a box for keepsakes. It was really fun. What do you think, do I have a chance? So that you see all the entrees when completed, go to my friends list. You will find Gail-Mind Wide Open. I think that you can vote tomorrow...this is all very new to me, I am not sure how this all works. Thanks again for coming by.