Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Good Old Days?????

How many of us have heard our parents and grandparents speak of “The Good Old Days”, all the time talking with a curious smile on their face. That smile tells us those people were truly remembering those days with fondness and joy. They speak of how easy and simple life was back then, so much slower paced and relaxed than now. They didn’t worry and stress daily over the problems of life, they point to all the present day crime and violence and the drug problems and all seem to agree, the old days were a much better time.
Meanwhile we’re thinking, wait; these people grew up with no television, and in some not even electricity in their homes. They had no telephones; no microwaves, no ATM or credit cards, no dish, or clothes washers, laundry was hung on an outdoor clothesline to dry in some cases next to the “outhouse”. Even worse, they had no computers for communication, all mail was sent through the post offices.
Some had automobiles and sometimes those cars would start and run. However, if the car did run it would have to be driven on mostly dirt roads that would turn to mud in the rain, and anyway, where would anyone want to go in one? There were no McDonalds, and no shopping malls, automobile trips were mostly either to the General Store, post office, bank, or to friends or relatives homes to play cards or dominoes. To us, this way of living would be considered very differently than, “The Good Old Days”. We, at least as for me, wonder why their memories of those days are such happy ones. I think I may have stumbled onto the answer to that question; frequent illness was the key to their happy times.
Below is a list of some of the medicines that could be purchased, (no prescription required), at the local General Stores of the day. After seeing this I have no doubt they remembered these days with great fondness, I’m surprised they could remember these days at all.
As you view these pictures please notice there were even drops for newborns, from cradle to grave, there was no reason to be unhappy.,See More

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where is their Smile?

The notion that people of old refused to smile because their teeth were rotting. It wasn’t that people didn’t have bad teeth, as dental hygiene really was awful, but rather that bad teeth were so common that seeing them did not take away from a person’s attractiveness at the time.

So what were some of the real reasons people didn’t smile?  803398  U.S. Presidential Portraits...377869 16: Portrait of 16th United States President Abraham Lincoln. (1809-1865) (Courtesy of the National Archives/Newsmakers)  twain The simple fact that nice-looking smiles are difficult to create and capture, one of the main reasons was how smiles were perceived centuries ago.

Although nowadays we think of smiles as being indicative of happiness, humor, and warmth, they apparently had a very different meaning back in the day:

I am so glad that smiles came into Vogue!!!

I have been absent for a long time now. I hope after Bazaar is over there will be more time for us.