Friday, March 12, 2010

Collage...Orange.... Waste of time...Listen to Music....Sharpie

There must be loads more things that can be done with a sharpie, but this was all I could come up with. I must have 6 or seven sharpies, some are large points, some are medium and then fine.
Opera was one of the first forms of public entertainment. They were some of the first real musical stars all around the world. Although I am not a fan of this form of music, I can realize its importants of the time. Hale! Hale! Rock and Roll.

When I was growing up there were orange tree's as far as the eye could see in Southern, California. And the smell of the blossom's were amazing.

The prompt is "Collage." I think because my Grandparents were part of the migration from Oklahoma to California, I find a connection to this history. They left the land they loved with hope that this California would give them back a life less tragic...but the truth was that they found life very hard. After a few years of picking fruit and cotton, cutting grapes Grandpa became a Share Cropper. He worked 40 ac of cotton, which gave him a house and very little money. So they really never gained back what they had in Oklahoma, they never owned land in California. But what I remember is the love, the laughter, and the hard work that was the fabric of our family.

Here it Friday and I have done a little catching up with the Art Journaling. I am still a little nerves about this, but I am having fun and that is what I was wanting. I need to get back to my weight journal also...TIC TOC !!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Past, Doodle, Blue, credit cards , future, engine

The prompt is engine....And since I love old pictures it was clear that it should be a old train of some kind. I had found this picture somewhere, and loved it. But didn't have a reason to use it until today. Have a great weekend, Mary
The prompt is Future....I thought about so many things, future cities, people, but the truth is we do not really know what the future looks like. If the people in the 50's would have been right, we would be flying cars and going back and forth to the moon right now. So we dream of what might be, but enjoy today...right now!

the prompt is credit cards....

Blue was the prompt for this page...

Days remembered from when my kids were little....Magic Mountain, California. click on page to enlarge:) I am not a doodler these days...when I was on the phone a lot, then I doodled all the time. So this is my watching T.V doodle and then colored in crayon.

I find it hard to keep up with Art journaling...I hope to get better!