Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother’s day:)

happy-mother-s-day-mother-and-child Mama and Alexis Evans 001A wish for my Mama. That she has flowers to touch and smell, green grass to walk on under large green trees. A warm bed to sleep on and dream good dreams. Sky so blue that she can almost feel it, and a soft breeze for her hair to fly softly in.

A wish for clear site so you can see all that is beautiful. A moon bright to comfort you in the night.

I wish Mama a kitten soft and sweet that “Purrs” with her every touch.

A wish for her to be with the love of her life, My Dad and that they can play forever. And that they are beautiful in each others eye like when they were young.

I wish her to know that she was special, that each and every moment of her life had meaning. That I found comfort in the sound of her voice, the touch of her hand, that sometimes I smell something that is the essence of her and it gives me a special feeling.

A wish for my Mama to have the knowledge that she is loved and missed, that she made a difference in so many lives.

I wish her peace and understanding that she lives in all of us. And that everyday is our Mothers Day because she loved us.

Remember Mama, the color of our love is Yellow because I remember.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Napkin flowers for Annabelle!



Annabelle will have her first Birthday in Idaho at my house. So as you can imagine, I am working on decorations. I finished 80 flowers and now on to other things. This basket has 20 flowers in it. The party will be on the memorial weekend, A Bar-B-que.

Annabelle lives in Washington State with her proud parents. But the rest of her family live here in Idaho. I will share the little things that I do for this event. big Hugs, Mary To be continued…..