Friday, September 21, 2012

On the Today Show

I was watching the Today show this morning. And one of the topic’s was how to let go of a friendship. It was interesting to me since I had just found this note on facebook. It was from someone I have known since I was 16 years old. Our path in life has been very different, so to blend our reality of life has been hard. But we have tried. On the show it shared the many ways people let go of the relationship. Some people confront, others just kind of fade away. Others stay in a toxic friendship because they do not want to hurt anyone. But whatever way they chose, it is painful.

This was the note I received after 51.

 May 6th 2012 001 click on note to read.

Why would I even share this….maybe because I am mad! Maybe because it hurts! Maybe because I hope it will help someone. But for whatever reason..this is her truth no matter how I feel. Did I fail this person? yes, because I could not be the person she needed me to be.


Monday, September 17, 2012

NO! It is still September

For many years I have made tags for our Church Bazaar. This is when no matter what the temp or day it is, my clock says it is fall.

I find a theme and this year I made them with Christmas in mind.

Here are just a few that I have made.

I have more to show you, but I thought this was enough of a Christmas reminder.

Fall is in the air!

Oh Yes, I thought you might like to see Finn our little Maltese. And yes we are still working on the Loft.

DSCN2580 DSCN2581 DSCN2583 DSCN2585 DSCN2591 DSCN2593


The ball hanging from her hand is a bead. I hung it with thread so it moves.

DSCN2574 DSCN2575 DSCN2576

Soon to be a closet. Arney is mudding as I write this.

Now to go look and see what you are doing.