Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is the page I did for the Art Jounrnaling Group I joined. Janet form Just Me and My Art, shared this group on her we will see if I can catch up and keep up. The prompt word for March 6th was "Present." March challenges. I have some catching up to do.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gift bag for Summit...Grandson turns 10 on Sunday!

I bought a plain large gift bag. Found some really cool tissue paper to put inside with his gift....then waited for the idea's to come. I made large letters on regular computer paper. Found my Martha Stewart glitter I have glitter all over me, the floor, it is probably in my hair. Arney had taken pictures of Summit in January playing his really special drum's, and he can really play them! So I enlarged the picture and cut it out and put it in the middle of what I will call a star burst. Summit has said a few times "You Rock Grandma!" So I thought this was away of letting him know I think he Rock's also. He will be 10 years old Sunday....time sure does fly! Summit is a very gifted little guy. He is an A student and plays sports like a pro! Am I a Grandma or what??? Since I have done my bragging thing, I hope this is a little food for thought when getting a plain gift bag. I am so loving the sun today, I can hardly wait to be busy in my yard! Have a great Weekend, Mary click on picture to enlarge:)