Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lavender and Old Lace

pattern 001 


Thought I would share what I did yesterday before heading out the door. It is cold and wet this morning. And leaves have decided to fall off some of our huge tree’s. LB my little Beagle hasn’t moved all morning….he went outside and more or less said this is not my day.” Friday I will be at the church most of the day. We do the set up for Bazaar for Saturday. This is the last of the things I will add to this sale. I used fabric and put it through my printer… I plan to do a memory quilt with family pictures….I think it will work out good.

Trevor our oldest son is going back to work after a long healing time from a fall he took last year. He is so ready to be back on the job.

Summit finished football…..100_4611

Summer went by so fast. I can hardly believe we will be voting in a few days…old-american-flag1