Saturday, February 16, 2013

No! Stop! I am not ready for the Downton Abby to end this season.



Cora with her way of getting through everything with such elegant style.Downton_Abbey_51148 All the faces we have come to know, the wanting to know what will happen next.

I will be waiting to return to the Abby!!!! You know where I will be Sunday evening.

So far today has been spent in family research and some knitting. I should be outside because it is beautiful. bye for now…out the door I go!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

All Thumbs…Learning to Knit!!!

It was so much fun, I had to laugh at myself and that is always a good thing. I had a great time and Gracie is very patient. Along with being a very special friend. knit 022 What have I done so far, not much. I have taken more out than I have put in. For those of you who knit, I look pretty funny right now. Often confused, but determined.DSCN3079

          Knitting Pledge…..

1. I promise not to cry!

2. No throwing of knitting needles…they could put your eye out.

3. Do not yell at Finley for getting the yarn.

4. Pay attention to my husband while knitting even though you are trying to concentrate.

5. I will keep trying even if I feel like I am all thumbs.

6. I will not stop cleaning house while I go through this learning curve.

7. And always remember that no one made you do this…I love you Gracie!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day


I hope your day is filled with Love!!! Big Hugs, Mary

Today I am going to a knitting class at our church. My friend Gracie is teaching this class. We will be making prayer shawls.

It will be fun to learn something new.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let me take you upstairs……


Lets go up stairs :)

My husband built these stairs.


I found this dresser a few years ago. It was a mess. The top was a veneer and it had very little going for it, but I loved it and after some sanding, and painting it became very special to me. Now I am looking for a bench or chair to go with it.DSCN3038

This old cabinet was in my office downstairs. I had all kinds of stuff in it. But it works so well in my room. Soon this wall will have a long bookshelf, that will be great because all our books are in plastic containers. This was made by a friend in our church many years ago. I bought it at the estate sale…love it!DSCN3039

This is the original chimney that comes up through the house to the rough. It was from the kitchen wood cooking stove in the kitchen. 1906. I wanted to keep it and I am so glad that we did. And now it is where I am hanging some old family pictures. This picture is of Arney’s grandparents…the Neely’s…Willy Lee and Jessie.


This is Arney’s great Grandparents.DSCN3041

This is Arney’s great great Grandfather.

The opening in the ceiling will soon be done, it is to the attic. DSCN3043

These pictures are …top is of my Grandmother on the top left and my great Grandparents setting down. The bottom picture is of my Grandmother and Grandfather Smith.DSCN3042

A different shot…DSCN3044

Oh how I love this bed!!!!DSCN3045

Still decorating…I am just looking for little fun thing…and I do have a few things still packed that I want to put in our room.DSCN3051

A view from my bed….DSCN3050

A view from my desk…DSCN3052

My desk……DSCN3047

The view from my desk outside…So now you have seen what we have done so far. I know it looks a little bare, but it takes time to do the things we love. Thank you for coming up my stairs. Hugs MaryDSCN3029  Can you see little Finley?DSCN3030

I am done!!!! Paws are to cold!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday is all about Finley


Finn (2)Our little Buddy had to go to the Vet today. We have had wind and some branches were in the backyard, He hurt his eye on one of the fallen branches. so he is getting eye drops and lots of love. Vet sad it was good that we brought him right in because he scratched his little eye.He will be fine. Thought I would send a picture of him taken a couple of weeks ago. It scared us a bit…on our Saturday. Hugs, Mary