Friday, August 6, 2010

One little pin cushion

Here is one of my little pin cushions....I took some other pictures, but they did not turn out very good. I may try again later. I finished the ones I started and now I plan to do some in shades of creams with lace, buttons and flowers, etc. I will be ready to move on to something else after I am done. It is very warm and it looks like storms are heading our way. Arney gave cucumbers to our neighbors today, we have so many. Since Arney works nights tonight, I will try to get some blog peeking in before going to bed. We sat on the patio this morning early and watched the birds, our Robins are fat and friendly this year. A Mallard mommy Duck went into the irrigation ditch with about 14 babies...she was very nerves, kept her eye on us for sure. The Hawk babies are working on their flying, it looks dangerous. They can sit for hours before making up their mind to take off, then they yell as they fight for their little life in the air. Thinking of you on this summer day....

Monday, August 2, 2010


Arney left for work this morning and I was supposed to go to the dentist, but I didn't remember it till it was to today I spent with my friend Brenda in the back yard. Brenda brought her dog Buddy to play with our LB, a play date. I took these pictures a few days ago. The bench that LB is sitting on is very special. This is our child's bench for the Grandkids, but it has been a place that Matti enjoyed and as you can see, it now belongs to LB all by himself. I have pictures of him and Matti sitting on it together too.
The Lavender was really beautiful this year...I cut most of it for indoors so I can smell it all winter too. I make little gifts out of it also.
The Larkspur has been beautiful is now giving it's seeds to the ground for next year. This is a favorite of mine. This has not been a real hot summer. It is in the 90's and then back down to the 80's, but we still have more summer. Our garden is doing really well too. I plan to make a lot of Salsa for winter. I can hardly wait for a real tomato.

Our Raspberries really belong to LB in this patch. We have another one in the front yard for us. Matti and LB took them over a few years ago. At first we thought it was the birds enjoying the sweet fruit until one day we saw them inside the bushes. They looked a little guilty with all that red on there mouth. So we decided to give them the berries.

LB doesn't like me to take his he didn't smile....

My Mother loved Sweet pea's, she planted them to climb on our porch when I was about 12 years old, and she would talk about how good they smelled coming in the front door. The humming birds love them too.
The rest of my yard is in herbs. I have Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Mint, and the list goes on. It is always a treat to go into the back yard and cut what I need in something I am making. I put in a new Rosemary plant and another Lavender plant this year. I was going to do more but spring was so wet and cold, next year!!!
I am still working on the little cottage pin cushions...I will show them off when they are done. I am having fun with them, buttons and embroidery, fun little touches that bring them to life. I need to be doing other things too, but for now this will do. I hope you are all having a good summer. It will pass so fast. I hate to see it end this year, winter was so long.
I continue to be amazed at finding family from so many generations ago. And when there are stories, it is great. Be back later...Mary