Thursday, October 21, 2010




i am calling this Scribbler…from time to time I will write a little story, or just a thought of the day, whatever comes to mind.

The first time I saw and put my toes in the ocean I was 7. I did not know how to swim, and the ocean would pull me as the waves came in and out. I loved the salt air. My Dad would swim way out into the big waves. One day he found a friend in the salty sea…a large Seal wanted to be friends. Dad was scared to death and swam to shore very fast. I really don’t think he knew what it was.

The warm sometimes hot sand always found it’s way home with us. I always got a sunburn because I am fair skinned. It is not easy to be a redhead in southern California.

The Pike was a really special place to go. We had a hot dog stand that we loved, and nothing better than a 2 scope ice cream cone. Make mine chocolate please:) Cherry coke from the fountain was the best..00074907

My Dad loved to ride the Cyclone Racer, and one time was enough for me. It went right over the ocean and it was the largest wooden roller coaster in the USA. If you are a people watcher this was a good place to be. entertainment every where. The screaming of the people on rides, and the laughter, the smell of food cooking, it was really a wonderful place to be. Night was so pretty, all the lights on the Cyclone, the Sailors playing games to win a gold fish or a stuffed animal for the girl on his arm.

It closed before I could take my kids there. In it’s place is the Queen Mary. My kids got to see and hear the Beach Boys sing on a couple of 4th of July’s along with fireworks on the Queen Mary.

Lots of memories in Long Beach, California. 


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Take a Old Bag Shopping

DSCN0870 I got this idea from Marietta at Sweet Old Vintage and I loved it. So I made myself one…Thank YouDSCN0875 it turned out really nice…can’t wait to show it off to my friends and family…they will think it is funny!!