Monday, August 3, 2009

Before it gets over a 100 today...

This is Homer or his friend Sissy on the back yard light post. I just know it had breakfast from the Bird feeder. This is the water from the ditch going under our half circle driveway. In the winter when the water is gone, the local cats love to hide in these under ground paths. Something for everyone here on the little farm.

The grass is still cool under my feet, everything is green and fresh. I thought you might like to see a few pictures of our small farm. This is our lovely Maple tree. In the winter it has moss on the trunk. The water you see coming down our ditch is irrigation. We no longer use it because we had public irrigation put in a few years ago. Our Grandkids love to put their feet in it. The water is very cold. We have a well, our water is really good and cold coming from deep into the ground. Welcome to Apple Blossom Cottage.

Arney put the planks down over the ditch. The kids like to set on it.

This is my little Raspberry patch in the front yard next to the ditch. As you can see there are very few left. Arney has been eating them. The gate was a gift from a friend that lives up north.

Yesterday we trimmed all my roses, the wind really gave them a hard time this year.

Homer hiding on our backyard tree. Thank you for coming by, I love all your comments and look forward to finding you here. I know we are all so busy at this time of the year, or some of us is lying under the air conditioning. What ever we are doing??? Stop and look around, the adventure could be right in your own yard.
Hugs, Mary