Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teddy Kennedy

It would be hard to go through this day without saying something about Teddy. I remember the young man that seemed to fall in the eyes of this nation. Never to be the leader that JFK was or the passion of Robert. It seemed no matter what he did, he fell short of his brothers legacy. Today as I watched this service, I found myself not thinking of the young man, but the man he had become over time. My Grandmother would have called him with a smile, "a late bloomer. Over the past couple of days I have heard the stories that made me think more and more about this Man, the son, the husband, the father, and the friend. The man who cared and was not afraid to show his passion for the under privileged, the hungry, the face of children that needed care that was not affordable. A man that could have played all day long without a care because of the Kennedy money. But instead walked the halls of the capital and asked for help in the causes of the poor, or the guy that worked hard but still could not afford good care for his family. I got to know in these days the heart of a Lion and the sweetness of a caring
human that left the seeds for all to find wellness in this great United States. I knew him only as a fighter for the basic rights of man, but what I didn't know was how much I was going to miss him. I am afraid that the fear of the unknown will take away his dreams for us all. I am one who loved JFK, and had hopes for Robert, but never gave much thought to this man, because there was a shadow over his past. So with all this said, "I am sad that I didn't give him the honor due in life."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Hardware Store

I thought it would be fun to put Arney in front of a old Hardware Store. He is back to work full time and I think he is having a good time. You have all been so good to think of him in your notes. We are good and soon I will have some of my projects to share with you.