Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Sell Jar's

My daughter Jenny and I did some shopping yesterday and along the way we stopped at a few yard sales. I really like old jar's. So when I found these for a dollar each, I was one happy girl. I use jar's in my pantry...but the size of these were just perfect for the kitchen counter. So I washed them and made my own labels, so now they are neatly arranged where I really need them. It was a fun project. I have larger jar's and smaller...these rang my bell. I want to thank you for your comments on the cheese...we will not soon forget this.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What can a block of cheese tell us????

A short story......While cooking dinner, you go to your refrigerator to get out a block of cheese. You know that it is in there. But it is not there, you search behind, up, down open close, it is not there. So you say, where did the cheese go honey? It is in there, I saw it. So you continue to look, but Alas it is not there. Feeling odd, getting a little stressed. Arney starts looking for that block of cheese in the refrigerator, he cannot find it, meanwhile I am looking in the pantry, maybe it got put in there by mistake. The next thing I know he has opened the trash can, and under a cereal box was that block of cheese. I do not know who put it in there, was it Arney or me. You know your getting old when you put a new block of cheese in the trash and forget that you put it there. At least he found it:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hanging on my wall

This has been taking up most of my time...I decided to tape a very large paper on my wall behind where I set at my computer. It gets confusing as you research each person, each family line. This is my way of not getting it wrong. I think it makes a decoration statement at this time( this is what I am into right now). It is my share today...glue, scissors and allot of computer time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexis

It was a wonderful party....Alexis got what she wanted and so much more. We gave CJ money so that he could spend it on something he would like...he is now 16. It was warm and everything turning green. Alexis asked me to go outside while she road her new scooter...She is so fun and funny and so fine!!!! Grandma