Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting things done

We are so happy that our little room is done. It has added 10 feet of setting, and a fresh new look to our back door entry. A nice place to set, read, and change shoes in the winter. You have no idea how glad I am that it is done:)
Painted a shelf that was already here while it was a craft room. I am going to use it for some of our favorite books. I also added the Benn's that had been used in the pantry. I thought they would be handy...not sure what will go in them yet. The bottom shelf will go for games, markers for the grandkids. We could put a small TV in here sense the cable is ready...not sure I want to do that. At one point a twin bed was in this room. It was for my Mother. She stayed with us for a few months and cold not go upstairs. So we put a small TV in so that she could rest and watch her soaps. At another time it was a playroom for our Granddaughter Kayla. We put in the sink, ref, stove, chairs and table. This was her kitchen next to mine. A lot of foodies, tea parties, and listening to her talk to her babies. It is a good room!

At this point you wonder if it was the right thing, but with the progress I felt it was perfect.

Most of you know that I live in a 1906 cottage farm house. Arney is on top of the barn fixing very old wiring. The wind has been blowing really hard, so some stuff came lose. Arney was not looking forward to going up there, but being the adventurer that he is it was calling him. He said, "watch me in case I fall." Lovely last words from my guy.

Nothing like the fear of falling on a cold windy day.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Since I decorate my tree with goodies for the kids...I got an idea to make Angel food. So I will fill a clear bag (small) with some kind of little candies and put a poem about angels with these little angels I made on the front of the bag...with a dot of glue from my trusty glue gun. I hope you like them and that you might like to make some too.
My own pattern....then I blanket stitched all around the edges since I doubled the flees...cream color. Made little hearts and sew them on with just the button holding them on.

I had some gold wire so I made a little circle and put the beads on and clipped them in the back and made a little stitch to hold them in place. Each have five little beads in there halo.

Then I used tiny beads for their eyes...I sew them on, hiding the thread.

Then with Gel Medium I put some on the wings and bottom of the angel. Sprinkled with glitter. So if it gives you an idea or two, have fun.