Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annabelle’s has her day with the Turkey’s

374920_307728679252101_100000449132373_1106921_1379909393_n Where’s the Turkey Mom!!!!383830_307727949252174_100000449132373_1106913_610661217_n

They made me where this, I don’t see a turkey on Mom & Dad’s chest!!!391115_307727589252210_100000449132373_1106909_1754169207_n

Happy Thanksgiving, Now we will see what Mom does for Christmas? Oh no, not a reindeer on my chest!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


100_3443 Baxter was born in a barn here in Idaho. He came to be our pet when my son and granddaughter gave him to me. And they kept his sister Coconut. He was so tiny and very sweet. Ready to be loved and love. He liked outside more than inside, and the sofa. He would not use a litter box, he wanted out. Over the years he had many fights, he was never very big, but I think he thought that he was.

Arney found Baxter in his bed, he had died in his sleep. Sleep well dear friend, you were a little rebel. Soft and sweet, you never really belonged to us, you liked your freedom.If there is a heaven for you Baxter, I hope there is a barn for you to stand on the roof- top, a field to run in just like home.