Saturday, October 25, 2008

America the Beautiful

I was raised in a house divided....Mama was a Democrat and Dad was a Republican. I was in the 9th Grade when it all became very clear. The dinner table seemed to be the battle grounds for my parents, and I was just a listener. At school we were holding elections with buttons and signs, and it was all about the big school voting day. Nickson or Kennedy. I watched the debates with my parents and listened to what they had to say about who did the best job in front of the camera's. It seemed to me that it was more about how they looked in black and white, than what they said with my parents. But at school we had to write a statement about the debate, what you thought about their answers and did you believe in what they said. I will always be grateful for that time in my life, it made me pay attention to what each man had to say. Not what others were saying around them.
Which brings me to now. And now I find that we are a family divided. And once again I am listening to what these two men have to say and trying to figure out who I believe. filtering out the news media, the spin, the lies and trying to make the right choice. Not how he looks or where he comes from, or his religion, but the man. Is he talking to me or is he just another man that wants to live in the white house that doesn't care about me or you. Many things have been said about these two men, but my heart goes to what they say to me. Not the junk on the news or the words spread all over the net. So with that said, vote! and vote with real knowledge, not with the spin. Our country in in real trouble, some will not feeling the pain of it, but most will.
It is time to remember who we all are, I am not blue or red, I am Mary Evans American.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Memories are made of these

Through the smiles comes the moments that bring back Halloweens Past.
Jennifer Ann Evans....Now Mrs. Nell....Mother of Summit

Steven "Cory" Evans.....Father of CJ, Treyton, Alexis, & Avery

Trevor Lee Evans.......father of Kayla

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


With the elections came many memories of the 60's. And depending on how old you were then, there are things that stand out. I loved the clothes. the short skirts, and the makeup was fab! The Beatles sang and we fallowed the beat...the fashion, the more ironing. In all the makeup and style was the War, the endless body counts. Bobby Kennedy was our hope for a better future....the endless unrest within the Black communities. In all this was Twiggy, and I was skinnier than her....the good times! I was a little housewife in Southern California, living in a really pretty Apt with a pool & seeing my husband off to work each day and trying to have babies. It was a perfect storm and at the center was war and fear....some things never seem to change, the people change, and we watch with hope for a better future.