Friday, April 15, 2011

On Our Little Farm

Taking off the old siding 001

Taking the house apart 001  Our house 1906 with cottonwood tree 001 Our house 001 Cory and Arney taking a break on the new porch 001I think the steers were ready for a Kodak moment!!!steer's #1 001 streer's #1 001 steer's #3 001

Today just seemed like a good time to share our farm. As you can see we worked hard to make a very old unloved house our own. My Jenny helping take of the old siding.Arney taking out the whole front of the house..moving the door to the center and adding two large windows.Adding the wrap around porch was really a love project, we had always wanted a porch.Our son Cory and Arney taking a brake on the almost done porch.

We had steers for a few years until Arney’s knee had surgery. And the last picture is CJ standing and Arney holding Treyton, the Grandkids loved coming to the farm. We had chicken’s,Duck’s, even a Ginny hen. Not counting all the wonderful birds that lived here naturally. Thank you for visiting our little farm today…

Sunday, April 10, 2011



Easter 1911…..

One hundred years ago. I love all the hats and in the background is the White House. As Easter draws near, we can look at this picture and wonder what was happening, what were the feelings of the people. Did they believe in the government, were they content with the leadership.

So with this question hanging out here, I am going to find out a little about this time… I will return:)


US population….93,863,00

New Births….2,813,000

Average income….$983/a year


New home….2,625

New car….1,130

Milk-qt….8 cents

Bread-loaf….5 cents

Steak….20 cents a pound

Stamps….2 cents

I would have to write a book about 1911 and although it would be interesting…you probably do not want a history lesion.

This was a wakening of the safety at the work place. The low pay and the working of children under awful conditions. People died. That is when the Union’s had to fight for the rights of workers.

It is hard to know how the people felt about William Howard Taft, but what I have found is they made fun of his weight. Many cartoons about his over eating.

This is what I have gleaned….President Taft was a republican. He would eat a oversized breakfast and then fall asleep. Slow to act on things that were important to the people. Some called his term a disaster. But he was warm hearted and by most he was considered a good man. His leadership skills were not decisive. He was called a conservative. He had few accomplishments during his term in office. He had no problem putting our men in harms way if needed.

I guess we would have had to have been there to really know.

Does it make a difference who is our president?