Friday, May 22, 2009

News and Cat Lovers

I wanted to share this even though I had nothing to do with the idea or the making of. It came from Junk Camp. She had a old table, and I think you can see that she made it into a wonderful bed for her little friend. I was thinking about my Beagles sense Baxter will not sleep anywhere that we would want him too. But I bet if I were to make it he would try it out.
I spent the afternoon pulling weeds, it felt really good to get my hands back in the dirt. I planted my Basil and tomorrow I will be planting a few Flowers. No garden this year. My Lavender is going to be beautiful, it is so lush and green. Cory came over and mowed the whole place, he loves the riding lawn mower. Arney is doing well, starts therapy Tuesday of next week.
It is warm here, just right really. I am not looking forward to the 100 degree days that I know is coming. Big Hugs, Mary

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A short trip down memorie lane

I want to thank you for coming by, I have no time for any kind of project, so these news letters are away of sharing, it is fun to do this. Why the name 32 Street Market? When my children were small we loved to go to this Market. It was filled with all kinds of fruit and veggies...and we went weekly...I thought the name of the store was fun...and we had fun there.