Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Mist

As our tree's become bare, and the nights are cold there becomes a icy mist that covers every last leaf and wraps itself around all the branches. It becomes very still and seems to close us in like a scary tale from a book. You find yourself unable to take your eyes off the wonder of it. It is a showing of things to come when all will be white with snow. Fall is beautiful here in Idaho. It has magic in every season, Now everyone is harvesting in the fields, Arney will go out to find a farmer, glean a field with onions, or potato's. The gleaning is what was left by the big machines. Potato's, big bakers, onions as big as grapefruits. The ground will be cool and your hands get muddy, but it is the best food. Since it is free, we always get enough for family, friends. I am already making soups and chili. We are still getting peppers and tomato's from the garden and Summit our Grandson will be over to get his very own Pumpkins and cut down the Sunflowers for the Birds. This is when I love to read, or stitch a quilt, but for now I am busy making crafts....but I am almost done....Happy Fall, it is a time of remembering and gleaning.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember this?

Here is my new addition, of course it is very old, but that is what makes it special. I learned to type on one not unlike this. You forget how hard that you have to hit the key. Or the sound
it makes. It needs to be fine tuned...Arney will take the little bugs out of it. Typewriter, who knew I would want this old thing. It has great old letters. I am not sure what part it will take in my crafting. Maybe just for fun. It works really good, I will have to get a new tape for it, that should be hard to find...yikes. Just a little trip down memory lane.
Happy Fall, the air smells so fresh and good. But my feet are already starting to get cold....Oh My!