Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full of the Irish!!!!!

st-patricks-day-060 Are you Irish? Even just a little counts. Searching for my family has really been interesting. Arney and I are both full of it…tee hee!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lace and now it is snowing...Big flakes


Had to get out of the house for awhile, it is so cloudy and wet… I was feeling cloudy. I decided to go to a couple of second hand stores and look at books. I love buying a book that cost new $30.00 and I get it for a dollar or two. It looked like they were bringing in some new things so I went to where they have ribbon and threads and found all this lace for five dollars. I have been trying to find lace at a good price for crafts, and Bingo, I found some. Less cloudy I took my moody self home and really enjoyed what I had found. If anyone has some lace they would like to sell, I am interested. Now what to make!!!100_4760

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Researching family makes each person very real…Dotson line. I was thinking.

West Virginia 001 Today I spent a lot of time on the old Puter looking for family long ago and so far away…you could say they are long gone. But they are be coming very dear to me. The stories, the places they lived. This cabin is under construction. Nothing that will change it, things that will keep it from falling apart. This is in West Virginia . This is the Dotson Cabin. Built by family that I will never know, but they are apart of my family. What is really exciting is to find the people that lived here, one by one.x5JaLXDadnXXrOPe_h_N9kuNNgxbPuHUeYjt!B9HKw07CXPbJu!1tVxjyLn1dT2f Dotson Cabin

Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Shower

185832_197254070299563_100000449132373_633687_7849148_n Dolan & Kayla live in Olympia, Washington. Kayla is my first grandchild. 100_4735  Tags I made for my gifts for Kayla’s BABY SHOWER

100_4736100_4746 100_4745  100_4754 Aunt Kristie made this beautiful cake. You have to cut it!!!!

100_4748 My son Trevor, father of Kayla. Yummy!

100_4752 My daughter Jenny (Aunt Jenny) holding our new granddaughter Halle Dawn. 100_4757 100_4758 This is our Kayla having the best time…she laugh,, giggled, and all the words …Oh! Aw! So Cute! Thank You! Sweet! Just what I wanted! And yes, she loved the guilt I made. The pile on the floor is tissue from her gifts.

Now to wait for our new baby girl. Her name will be

Annabel Marie

Now that the Party is over and the quilt is on it’s way to Washington with my Darling Kayla…lets see what I will find to share next. It has been all about this event..Thank you for your wonderful comments, it means so much to me. This has been a very special time for me. I am going to be a great Grandmother…we will see how great I am very soon. I am guessing, but I am sure that 30 came to the shower :)