Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On a Fall Night... Monday

It was a fall night in Nampa, Idaho. The wind is blowing 60 to 70 miles and hour. Limbs of tree's are flying along with all the golden leaves from our many old tree's. Baxter our Tabby cat just ran upstairs which might be the wrong thing to do if this ole Cottonwood were to come down. I am sure he is under the bed and we will not see him till morning. Baxter has fear issues when it comes to wind, rain, snow,cars and people. Arney drove home in the wind and said that it was not much fun. Not happy to find our trash cans almost to the neighbor's yard. And our Lawn chairs on their backs. I told him it was time to put them away....Men, they do not listen. The sky dark and the leaves falling like snow, it is a reminder of things to come. Mattie Anne and LB are cuddling on their bed. LB looks worried. But the sun shinned yesterday and we have about a foot of leaves except for the ones that blew into Mr. Johnsons yard, she must hate our tree's. I must run now and watch the Great Pumpkin Charley Brown.....It isn't Halloween until the Great Pumpkin appears.....Has anyone ever seen the Great Pumpkin? click to enlarge:)
LB is a Blue Tick Beagle and Mattie Anne is a Lemon Beagle, but don't say that to loud, no one wants to be called a Lemon, or is that cars???? Happy Everyday, Mary
And a shout out to Bandit....from one glasses eater to another.....MA

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little fun for Halloween:)

I thought it would be fun to do a little more Halloween! We live out of town so there are very few if any come to our door. When the kids were small it was a favorite time for us all. Just getting ready was half the fun. So to all the kids at heart, Happy Halloween from our house to yours. click to see it better.