Friday, March 30, 2012

The many faces of Me…….


 DSCN2139DSCN2161 DSCN2171 DSCN2193 DSCN2191

It is hard to look at yourself when you are 66, but I thought it was time to get over it…..For my Sister

Thursday, March 29, 2012

So happy….I took this picture a couple of days ago.

DSCN2100 Today “Finn” went to the groomers for a hair cut. He looks so pretty. This is when his hair is going in all directions, but finn really likes to get dirty…and so today he is clean and fluffy…but this is the happy boy that run in the mud while it is raining. And this is supposed to be my little clean lap dog…..sometimes!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Dream’s…….

il_fullxfull_11810363 I dream stories…

In my dream last night I was getting ready for church in my new dress. I was real thin…which lets you know that it was a dream. Arney and I are now at our Church and we are visiting with friends. Everyone was telling me how good I looked, and they loved my big blue purse. I am feeling real good……..I go into the bathroom and there is a lady cleaning. All of a sudden I am covered with poop she was cleaning off the floor. I am trying, fighting to get the poop of my new skinny dress and it felt impossible. I walk out of the bathroom to find my friend in a sweatshirt and pants….she would never where sweatpants to church…she explained that the same thing had happened to her and she had these clothes in her car. She tells me that I am fine. But I am struggling as I am frustrated, I look for Arney, and everyone along the way is telling me how pretty I look and I continue to try and get poop of my dress. I find the front door and walk out to see Arney with a group of our friends….I want to go home. When all of a sudden I drop my blue purse and a truck runs over it. It is filled with all my stuff and I am screaming, my new purse…..I wake up!

Do you have crazy dreams? The only good thing in this dream is that I was skinny and I looked good!!!!!!