Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Plans for Spring

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A number of years ago we had 21 chickens. Some of them even had names. My favorite was Gerty, she would get out of the the chicken pin and sleep next to our back door. She did not believe she was a chicken…so she would hang out in the back yard. She was loved. The eggs were wonderful, and we could give them to friends and family. It was fun.

On a summer morning our phone rang. It was Miss Johnson our neighbor, she is a dear ole thing, we always make sure she get veggies from our garden. During the early hours of the morning the two Sheppard dogs that live down the road had killed every one of our chickens while we slept. It was awful. We do not eat the chickens, they are hand raised, so they are were pets.

Years have gone by and we decided that we would try again. LB our Beagle doesn’t bother birds that come into the yard. Right now the Robins are here..we have about 12 coming for the goodies they can find. I think they are sorry that they came, they are all up in the tree’s wishing they had a stocking cap and a nice wool coat. It snow and hailed today and then the sun shinned, we are so confused.” Me and the birds.”

I made a Pear Cobbler today…we had so many pears and it sounded really good…it was.

Anyway, we will make a really nice place for the babies in the barn and then they will have a warm nice place to live in the barn stall with a big tree in their yard. Yep! I like chickens. I love to give them left over’s from the table, no meat of course.

I am sore fingered, but the quilt is starting to really come together.

I am trying to stay away from the TV, we need just a little good news.

              The Egg and I