Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving memories…

thanksgiving9I can still hear my Grand mommy and Great Aunt Addie (sisters) giggling in the kitchen. They would share stories about growing up, or just laugh for the joy of being together. All the wonderful smells as one by one we got out of bed. Maple syrup and biscuits that floated to your mouth, and brown gravy from Grand mommy’s iron pan. Cold milk, hot coca, or coffee with real cream and sugar. My very own chair that was tall so I fit just right at the table. Granddaddy giving the blessing, and all the voices of family gathering around the table.

The turkey was in the oven and all day long Aunts, Uncles, cousins, coming for dinner. And I loved to see what each one made. I knew what was good from years past…stay away from Aunt Sylvia’s sweet potatoes. I could hardly wait to have Grand Mommy’s chocolate pie:)

Granddaddy made his heavenly hash….all that cream and sweet.

Everyone dressed so nice. I was to stay clean…not going to happen!!!!

All those faces in my memory, the hugs, the love.

People were just nicer on Thanksgiving, they understood that this was a time to be thankful for each other. No television, no cell phones. Lots of games and kids playing with marbles and hide go seek.

Dinner was a event, it lasted for hours, whispers and even some sleeping by the older folks. Teens playing ball in the front yard.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I will remember all the people who gave me reason to be thankful and share good food with all the sweet faces of today…yes, there will be a football game on teley, and every child has his own cell phone. And there will be games inside and out…and I will listen to the giggles of my daughter, and the laughter of my husband and son’s…and I will try to stay clean just like Mama wanted.