Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Great Grandpa Joseph Miller & Great Great Grandma Perice Durbin Miller

As the story goes GG Grandpa Joseph Miller was shot in his own yard......I am not able to share why right now because I have buried the information somewhere. If I get more on this I will share it.
This is my Great Great Grandmother Perice Durbin.....and I am not sure who the child is, I have to ask my sister Sharon, I think she knows. So this is my Irish Great Great Grandmother. These two pictures above are the parents of John Miller.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Grandmother & Grandfather

Now that I have searched and found this picture. My Aunt's decided to join the picture of Great Grandma Vennie P Miller and Great Grandpa John Miller. My Mother hated that they did this because the picture of Great Grandpa John Miller was done many years after Vennie P. Davis Miller had past away. So this is the Great Grandmother that I was told I looked allot like. I hope I have this right now. She died after having all these children, and Grandpa lived to be 90 years young. He traveled allot in his Golden years, visiting all his children and staying awhile with each one. I remember him with great affection. My cousin Carolyn and I spent allot of time with him as kids. He would take us to the corner market and buy us a candy bar and RC cola. It was at a time when the bottles were really big. I would take my time with both the candy and the cola. It had to last, it was not often you had this kind of treat. He sounded so much like a English man out of a movie. He loved us very much. I remember walking down the road barefooted on the hot tar....I never wore shoes if I didn't have too. I was so blessed to have had almost all my Grandparents alive at the same time. I will never forget these day

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Something special

I went to my first meeting this evening....I along with another lady from our church.We are doing the decorating for our yearly Mother Daughter banquet. The theme will be come to a "Teddy Bear Tea Party" It is a honor to be asked. We will have around 200 plus coming to this event. So you know what I am going to be doing. This dinner/tea will be April I have allot to do and the time will pass very quickly. I will share what I am doing with you as I get things together. I love that it will be head is spinning!

Birthday Party

I took so many pictures of the family, but this is Summit's day and I picked out these to tell his little story. Jenny is lighting the candles, she is my only daughter and best friend. He is a very special boy, he gives us so much love. It was a very special day. I found myself thinking of the day he turned one. He has a wonderful heart, a love that spreads to friends, and family. They live in a small town, I think everyone knows the Nell's. It is snowing like crazy...all is white.