Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While Living in the Past

I wanted to share a little of what has taken over my life. I have really just started but already it has been many hours researching and making sure that you have all the right family in the right place. I must say that it is very interesting, and fun. You start to think of each person in a very different way.. Things like.. where did I find Sarah, and is her husband Joesph or was it William?? These are beautiful people in a time that meant everything to them. That I can take a peek into their life opens the mind to what life might have been. I may not do much else for awhile, so you may get tired of my rambling about this, but I have planned to put together a album for our family...I think this is more valuable than anything I could craft. Leaves of Life! And it is good for me to be busy with this, it takes my mind off of food for long periods of time.