Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

let it snow 033

Our first snow storm dropped 5 inches in our town. Then the temps dropped and ice was on every branch, so beautiful, a winter wonder land. Then we got 3 more inches of snow. If the temps stay low we will have a white Christmas.

So many wonderful things happened in 2013. I did not share a lot because I was not wonderful. Sometimes when the sun is shinning, I only felt the gray. Depression does that. I am working on me, and with my amazing family, and Gods healing hand I will find the light at the end of the tunnel.

You might ask? What is wrong. When I find the complete answer then I will be well. Yes, I have my Dr, this too will pass.

I have wrapped all the presents

I have decorated the tree

I am making cookies with my husband tomorrow.

And then on Christmas eve I will be with my family for a sweet evening with friends, family of all ages.

I wish you all the blessing of the Christmas, I wish you love.