Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Mother always smiled

93bf4e93-c8f6-485f-896d-ee51ab183bc4-0I read Janet’s post about her mother and I really loved every word….and I am a copy cat, Thank you Janet for the inspiration.

My Mother was a child of the depression era. And when I was growing up there was a radio on top of the refrigerator that played all the time. She loved the old favorites, but she and my Dad liked Rock & Roll too. Mama bought me a record player with Green stamps when I was 14 years old. And my Dad bought me GI blues album (Elvis). They were real fans of his. Dad could hardly wait to see “Love Me Tender.” Mama did dance, she danced a lot with my Grandpa Dotson. They could do a mean quick step…I always knew when life was good for Mama, she would sing doing chores. After she passed I found a tablet where she wrote songs down word for word.

House cleaning; Mama would not have gotten good marks, and although she cooked really good food, it was not Martha Stewart. If she hit ya with a hamburger patty, you would  be hurt. I loved her fried potatoes and Spanish rice. Dad ate out a lot. But Thanksgiving and Christmas she put out the best food…and her cookies were amazing.

My Mother made me a few items of clothing, but what I will always remember is her quilts done with love. She loved color. Mama wore heals with a sweet cotton dress most of the time. But as the styles changed she wore pants and flats. Mama made beautiful table doilies for everyone, but few in her house.

My Mama drank black coffee all day long and smoked. There was always a ashtray in the middle of the coffee table. Everyone smoked in those days. At least that is what it felt like. I wonder how we saw each other through the smoke haze.

Mama loved Chinese  food, so Dad would take us all out for a night of tea, fortune cookies and chicken chow-main. Loved it!!! I do not remember seeing my Mama drink beer, wine or anything. But she said that she liked it so much that she did not drink it. I know she drank a lot in her young days.

My mother believed in God, but did not go to church. She found the people in the church judgmental and she found no joy there. But she knew her Bible better than most.

My Mama would not talk for days if she was unhappy with Dad or one of us kids, mostly me. In those times, I wished she would yell really loud and got it off her chest, and stop throwing dishes on the table hard…her silence was really loud.

Mama was devoted to Dad, you might say they were nuts about each other. They met when Mama was 16 and from then on it was always about Dad. You might say they had a passion for each other. They loved to play and play they did.

Mama had just turned 36 when I got married at 18. Looking back, her and Dad were so young when I came into their life…I am sure that I was a unexpected happening. If I were to write it all down, I am sure you would find her a wild child, and Mama made sure that I wasn’t. You could say I was sheltered, but that is not what it was, it was more like looking out the window and knowing life was going on, but you were not to join in…so I did not. Fear Factor!!!!

I hear her voice all the time. I miss her every day. She was 75 when she passed, she couldn’t be without Dad very long…she missed him so much.

Life is not perfect and we are not perfect in it. The love I have for my Mama is made up of always wanting to be loved by her. And I was…it just wasn’t a Leave it to Beaver family…and that would have been so boring!!!!

If this is just way to much information..blame it on Kate and Janet:) 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friday March 30th, 2012

100_2820 At 3:30 Friday Arney was in a car accident coming home from work. A man ran the stop sign and Arney tried to avoid him but he did hit the car. It turned out that three cars were involved.So the third car hit Arney on the passenger side of his car.The car is totaled. Arney was hurt. Between the stirring wheel and the air bag he had a minor head injury and 6 ribs broken, with many burses on his body.He has been to the ER twice because of the pain and throwing up. Although he is very hurt, he is blessed because after looking at his work car, this could have been much worse. So nurse red on the job….not much time for anything but taking  care of him. Be safe Dear friends….