Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008's Christmas!

Avery......being Avery

Camille.....Thank you for coming to visit our party!

The tree is empty, and the bags are full.

The Tree


Cory, Annika, Avery

Avery....have you noticed that Avery likes to have her picture taken?

Lots of Hugs, lots of Kisses and all that food.

I made bags for all the kids to put their Candy and cookies from the tree. This is Annika showing her Mom Max what she got .
C.J and Kylee filling their bags

Summit, looking to see if he got enough

Alexis and Avery this is serious business

Avery seems to have found her pot of gold....note the boots, they have lights in them.

Merry and Bright

Jenny, Max, Clay and Kylee trying to figure something out about her new Cell Phone????
Avery, Alexis and Matti


Annika, Me, Avery

Make a Joyful noise

Annika and Avery

Cory, Kristie, Arney, Jenny, C.J, Summit, Kylee, and Matti or Beagle

Savannah and Kylee

Trevor won 20.00 in a game we played.

The evening continues

Kristie and Camille
Alexis, C.J, Treyton



Avery, Camille. Cory

More Christmas Eve

Jenny, Clay, Savannah, Kylee

Treyton, Chris, Kayla, Terri, Savannah

Ice Cycles

The tree is full of FOODIES!

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve Party was so much fun. Doug, Jenny and Summit found the treasure box filled with more chocolate than Heaven would allow. We were a party of 21 wonderful souls that love each other. It was cold and windy and snow falling as the house was bright with Laughter, too much food, children ready for all the games, presents, and lots of love. It is wonderful when we are all together, so different are we all, but when together it is like a patch work quilt, somehow it all comes together and is just Beautiful. Merry Christmas!
More pictures to come....