Friday, May 14, 2010


love, we are family. Top row: Trevor, Kristie, Cory
Middle row: Kayla, Terri, Treyton, CJ, Jenny, Doug
Bottom row: Avery, Summit, Alexis.

Families....Trevor, Terri and daughter Kayla
Cory, Kristie, Cj, Treyton, Alexis, Avery
Jenny, Doug and son Summit

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers day Sandals

Two posts in on day...shocking!!!! After visiting Janet's blog and seeing her shoe art, I thought maybe it was okay to share my new sandals...I do not think picking out shoes would be considered an art, but it was fun. I am a flip flop girl in the summer. But these are going to be so much fun. It will be in the 80's tomorrow and I can hardly wait. It has been a cold long spring. All my Kids and grandkids came for Mothers day...we had Pizza, fruit bowl, and Strawberry cheese cake...yes, I ate some:( was so good!!!!!! The sandals came from the gift card that Cory and Kristie gave me for Macy's. So yesterday I went shoe shopping and it was so much fun. I looked at everything they had and tried on to many....but if you love shoes, it is a good thing. Then it happened, I heard my name coming from the display ....And there they were, just waiting for me. A Brand that is new to me...they are "Lucky" and they are really earthy. I think there is something to be said about a good shoe you have one? Mary:) I even like the shoebox!!!! Do read Gandpa's Hat....I posted it earlier....

Grandpa's Hat....

I would like you to meet Dinni B Stinnett. This is My Grandpa....came to California during the Dust Bowl era, and stayed to be a Share Cropper, growing cotton on 40 ac. It would take a book to tell all I know and love about Grandpa. So for now I will share this on thing... Grandpa's..........Hat
I believe that smell is a powerful trigger for our memories...One of the things that stands out is the smell of my Grandpa's Hat. The only time it was off his head was when he was sleeping, and it hung on a hook near by. When I was a little girl we would set on the old cot that was under the Mulberry Tree near the front porch. I would set next to him and talk none stop. I was known by my family as the chatter box. Grandpa was a man of few words. He would nod his head now and then or make a sound like he heard me. He would take his hat off and use a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat from his head and face. The California Valleys are very hot in the summer. I would put that old hat on my own head and he would laugh. I could smell the sweet sweat mingled with tobacco and earth. My Dad would buy him a new hat when he saw that he needed one. I would so love to have one of his hats hanging on a hook in my house right now. Do you have a smell that reminds you of a time, place, person? I bet you do if you think about it......Happy memories!