Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Wedding Day 1963

Bret, Mary, Sharon 001 It was a hot August day, the sun was bright and there was no wind. Arney and I had driven all night to get to my parents house in Placerville, California. The little suit my brother is wearing was his Birthday present from the day before. I wanted him to look really good and he did. Sharon with her blonde hair and flowers, she looked so cute. A few weeks before my Mother and I drove to Sacramento to buy me a dress and a few fun things. I was so thin that the smallest dress they had was still  to big for me. So I would have to return when it was ready. I had a 17 inch waste, and didn’t weigh a 100 pounds. There was no sweet smell of flowers, no music to pick, No rice was thrown, but for me it was beautiful because Mama pressed my dress, my little brother Bret had been told to say”are you going on a honeymoon.” My dad got a kick out of my face turning red. Sharon was not really happy, she knew what I knew, we would be going back to Southern California. And nothing in our world would be the same.

My Dad stood next to me, and I don’t think he breathed through the ceremony. He held my had so tight it hurt, but I was so happy to have him share in this day for me.

Two very young people fell in love. We had nothing but just that love. No pots or pans, no flat wear, not even a plate. But we had all we needed, we had hope, trust, and a plan to be the best people we could be.

And like most newlyweds we had some bumps the first few months.

The Bride (me) wanted to be the writer of her own story, she was not interested in being anything more than a wife and mother.  I wanted to be loved and to love…and our day ends with a kiss and a good night. I married my friend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sweety, Uncle Buddy, Sugar and MaryE 001 While looking for pictures to go with my family research…I found a picture that I just love. My Grandmamma gave all her children and me a nick name. Sweetie, Buddy, Sugar and Doll. I was about two in this picture. I love that they put a pillow under my bottom. We lived about 5 miles from a little town called Pixley in California. I love the clothes, and look at that wonderful bike.. This is in the central part of California. The farm belt.

I called my Aunt Sugar Mama.