Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seattle or Bust!

AVIATION%20WOMAN%20PILOT%20READY%20TO%20GO I am making my maiden flight to Seattle Washington on the 10th. I will be using my carry on bag filled with things I will need on this most exciting adventure. Things like clean underwear, a lot of band aids in case of a bad landing, Pain killers, anxiety pills coming and going. “I will not be needing peanuts on this trip…a good shot of tequila might be needed before landing. I am very hopeful that the person who checks me for a bomb  or two will be gentle with me since this is my first maiden flight to Seattle. If you would happen to see me flying by, please send up a prayer or two, or a kind thought would be really good. Mom and baby Annabelle will be driving me to their house…keep this in mind, Kayla has had a few finder benders and I will be scared to death. And having a wonderful time:)  I have been on many flights, back and forth to California…I just wanted to be funny.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I call this picture, “Lotus Flower”


You are probably getting tired of my baby pictures, but I just had to share this one. Our Annabelle will be in my arms on my Birthday, a gift to me. I am flying, so it will be a nice trip. I will forever think of this picture as my little Lotus Flower. As you can see, she was not very happy about this picture taking moment, I just love it!

Summer is here!