Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Entry for November

This is the back of the on it to see it better.
This is the front of the on it to see it better. I am not good at taking pictures of these charms...can't get the lighting right with the glass. I Try! If you would like to vote...on my side-bar you will find under friends.....Gail mind is fun to look at all the entries.

This is the challenge graphic and the key word is "Beloved" I think this is really good.

Loud and Clear!

I just want to think you for reading my post. I am very proud of "We the People"
Today came with a deep breath, it seems I was holding my breath and didn't really know it. "Nerves Energy" took care of my day by cleaning everything and anything. Today I am just plain exhausted. I am old enough to have been apart of a few elections, I have often cried because the choice seemed wrong to me. But last night I cried out of joy, and rejoiced in a moment I will forever remember. I pray that this is the right man at the right time, and that we really do find the changes we need in this our home.....God Bless America.