Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

let it snow 033

Our first snow storm dropped 5 inches in our town. Then the temps dropped and ice was on every branch, so beautiful, a winter wonder land. Then we got 3 more inches of snow. If the temps stay low we will have a white Christmas.

So many wonderful things happened in 2013. I did not share a lot because I was not wonderful. Sometimes when the sun is shinning, I only felt the gray. Depression does that. I am working on me, and with my amazing family, and Gods healing hand I will find the light at the end of the tunnel.

You might ask? What is wrong. When I find the complete answer then I will be well. Yes, I have my Dr, this too will pass.

I have wrapped all the presents

I have decorated the tree

I am making cookies with my husband tomorrow.

And then on Christmas eve I will be with my family for a sweet evening with friends, family of all ages.

I wish you all the blessing of the Christmas, I wish you love.



Friday, December 6, 2013

I know it has been way to long!!!

I could make a list of all the reasons I haven’t been posting, but it is easier to just say depression…it does come, and I its victim.

Got through Thanksgiving, now to give Christmas all that I can. First at my Daughters home on Thanksgiving day and then for games and sweets the following night at our Sons home. It was so nice!!!

I made little gift jars. These are for our teens and almost teens. They are filled with everything you might need to polish nails. These are for Christmas.

nails 052

nails 096

Went to the craft store and bought flowers and then added little rhinestones to them. then glue them on jars. I used Chalk paint for the label and chalk ink to put their first name letter on each one. You can see Finn is in the background, he hates crafting. nails 092 Each Jar contains different colors of polish, that way they can share.nails 097 nails 099 nails 102 nails 103 nails 083 Nampa, Old Town at Christmas time. It seems we have a snow storm coming tonight, but today the sun is shinning. My all your days be filled with the Joy of this Christmas season.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I will just set here!


I have been so lazy this Halloween…I got a small pumpkin and got out the Witch I won last year at the Christmas party. It has scared the dogs…this is a good sign..TEE HEE! Every time they walk by her, she laughs just like a witch might sound. No candy yet because i will eat it…and since we are out of town and not in a track home, no one comes anyway. I am just not feeling the Halloween spirit….maybe I should just lay down and play dead, maybe someone would notice!!! happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Button and Bows…..and some tags too!

I have completed the headbands for Bazaar today…..I see these on little girls and babies and they are so cute. I made over 70 of these, cross your figures that they sell.witch and bows 003witch and bows 005witch and bows 015witch and bows 026witch and bows 046witch and bows 036witch and bows 044witch and bows 010witch and bows 042witch and bows 015witch and bows 039

  Now that they are finished, i will probably think of more ways to make them….maybe next year. Now to putting away all the mess of ribbons,buttons and knitting, I think I will miss making them.

I also made tags…Tags plus 024 Tags plus 027 Tags plus 029 Tags plus 026

I hope you are enjoying a very special Fall. Big Hugs, Mary

Monday, October 7, 2013

How do I know that it is Fall?

Of course the air is still cool when the temp is warm. Cold nights make for a really good sleep. The smell of wood burning. It has snowed in the mountains and rained here in the valley. Looking at and buying school supplies. The end of Baseball and the start of Football ( Go Bronco’s, Boise State) Seeing the Blue turf at the game. Getting ready for Church Bazaar, Putting on my long pants and putting away the lawn furniture. Really blue sky and seeing the leaves fall from our big tree’s. Gosh, there are so many signs of Fall. Candy is cheaper for Halloween… Tags plus 017

Welcome to the back field of the Evans farm…. This picture was taken while I was visiting Arney cutting down some trees that were growing to close to the fence. Arney Decided he needed to refill his coffee mug so we headed back to the house…………………wasp-0071 I stepped on a Wasp nest about half way back to the house. If someone would have been here with a camera, they would have got pictures of two crazy People. I got 8 bites and Arney got so many we could not count them. It was very painful for almost a week. It is Fall.

You really know it is fall when you are knitting and a fly gets between your eye Ball and your glasses….imagesCAVICR04

Happy Fall to all my sweet friends here in Blog land.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Good Old Days?????

How many of us have heard our parents and grandparents speak of “The Good Old Days”, all the time talking with a curious smile on their face. That smile tells us those people were truly remembering those days with fondness and joy. They speak of how easy and simple life was back then, so much slower paced and relaxed than now. They didn’t worry and stress daily over the problems of life, they point to all the present day crime and violence and the drug problems and all seem to agree, the old days were a much better time.
Meanwhile we’re thinking, wait; these people grew up with no television, and in some not even electricity in their homes. They had no telephones; no microwaves, no ATM or credit cards, no dish, or clothes washers, laundry was hung on an outdoor clothesline to dry in some cases next to the “outhouse”. Even worse, they had no computers for communication, all mail was sent through the post offices.
Some had automobiles and sometimes those cars would start and run. However, if the car did run it would have to be driven on mostly dirt roads that would turn to mud in the rain, and anyway, where would anyone want to go in one? There were no McDonalds, and no shopping malls, automobile trips were mostly either to the General Store, post office, bank, or to friends or relatives homes to play cards or dominoes. To us, this way of living would be considered very differently than, “The Good Old Days”. We, at least as for me, wonder why their memories of those days are such happy ones. I think I may have stumbled onto the answer to that question; frequent illness was the key to their happy times.
Below is a list of some of the medicines that could be purchased, (no prescription required), at the local General Stores of the day. After seeing this I have no doubt they remembered these days with great fondness, I’m surprised they could remember these days at all.
As you view these pictures please notice there were even drops for newborns, from cradle to grave, there was no reason to be unhappy.,See More

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where is their Smile?

The notion that people of old refused to smile because their teeth were rotting. It wasn’t that people didn’t have bad teeth, as dental hygiene really was awful, but rather that bad teeth were so common that seeing them did not take away from a person’s attractiveness at the time.

So what were some of the real reasons people didn’t smile?  803398  U.S. Presidential Portraits...377869 16: Portrait of 16th United States President Abraham Lincoln. (1809-1865) (Courtesy of the National Archives/Newsmakers)  twain The simple fact that nice-looking smiles are difficult to create and capture, one of the main reasons was how smiles were perceived centuries ago.

Although nowadays we think of smiles as being indicative of happiness, humor, and warmth, they apparently had a very different meaning back in the day:

I am so glad that smiles came into Vogue!!!

I have been absent for a long time now. I hope after Bazaar is over there will be more time for us.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bella came to visit:)

Bella came to visit 011 Bella came to visit 015 Bella came to visit 022 Bella came to visit 023 Bella came to visit 024 Bella came to visit 033 Bella came to visit 038 Bella came to visit 039 Bella came to visit 040 Bella came to visit 030

I could hardly wait to see my grandkids. Dolan, Kayla and Bella. They live in Washington State. It was very special having our Bella running through the house, She is a little peach, Love those ponies.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Do you have a object that seems to always catch your eye? It maybe a color, whatever it might be, think about sharing it.

So, mine is Umbrella’s. And the crazy thing is that I do not own one. If I lived in New York or any city that rained a lot, I am sure one would be found in my house. I have tried to find Vintage umbrella’s, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I was at a yard sale one day and a lady had a black one with the cured handle, I almost prayed she would put it back down.

Color’s that catch my eye are Yellow and red. They just make me happy!!! I would love to hang this on my wall, maybe I will. Have a great long weekend, my honey has to work, but my Granddaughter is coming to visit with my Great Granddaughter Bella, can’t wait.02c4094cdd0397df86b473e178e54e7e

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby & Toddler Headbands……

I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV, so in the cool of the evening I have been making headbands for Church Bazaar. So far I have completed 50 but will probably be more since Bazaar isn’t until Mid October.

Learning how to knit has been fun. I see all the little girls in the headbands and say Awwww! So I went through my lace, and fabric from other projects and came up with these fun headbands. I didn’t take pictures of all of them,California Dreamin! 016 California Dreamin! 017 California Dreamin! 018 California Dreamin! 019 California Dreamin! 020 California Dreamin! 021 California Dreamin! 022 California Dreamin! 023 I thought about putting a few on Etsy. What do you think? Have a wonderful Thursday…..