Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Honor O'Flynn married William Logsdon....

I thought this would be fun to share....I thought of our Julie, who knows so much about the Irish and everything Celtic. I have learn so much from her. As you know I am knee deep into research of my ancestors. I haven't counted the Great, Greats that has taken me to this story, but these are Grandparents from another time and place.
William Logsdon and Honor O'Flynn married on the 4th of July 1723 in St Paul's Church, Baltimore, Maryland. The story of Honor O'Flynn tells of a beautiful Irish girl with great plety, kidnapped from her home in County Kerry, Ireland, brought to America and sold. Then they were married. It is through Honor O'Flynn that the Catholic faith element and Irish ancestry appears in the Durbin line...also my family line. These quotes about Honor O'Flynn Logsdon were taken from Kentucky Catholic records reported by Father Elisha Durbin, a Catholic priest in Kentucky and son of John C. Durbin and Patience Logsdon also part of my family line. As we research Honor, we find that she was sold on the Baltimore, Maryland docks for one hogshead of tobacco to one William Logsdon to pay for her ship's steerage. More to come....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Julie and Julia

I was in no hurry to see this movie, in fact I hated the whole idea of it. First of all how in the world would you be able to do Julia, she is a one of a kind gal. I watched her and would laugh at her, I am not sure that I learned a lot from her show and never bought her books. I got that she was amazing in the cooking world, but all that butter. And the man handling of chicken was not my cup of tea. Her and a knife seemed out of control. Kinda like the Galloping Gore ma...drunk! So when this movie came out I thought no way can this be good. Her voice alone was like scratching a chalk board. But this evening I turned it on Stars and started watching it. I found her, Oh I don't know, Odd at best. With all this said, I have been a follower of Martha when no one knew who she was....OK so I have no taste!!!! I like her stuff!
I cried, I loved it, I didn't want it to end and will watch it again....go figure!! Can you believe I cried over this movie, I found it very touching, and well it was delightful. What could be learned from this?????? Art comes in all forms.....sometimes ya can't see the forest for the tree's. Or go deeper, she had a lovely life!!!
Saturday started with getting our Beagles ready to go to the vet. They needed their nails cut. To understand this...they love to go bye-bye, but as soon as you turn the corner on 12th Street they know this is not going to be fun. They are mostly out of control until they are back home. Why take them at the same time you might ask...well, LB howls until Mattie is home again. I mean in your face loud howling. No matter what you do he will not stop. On the other hand Mattie could care less if LB is gone...she just does her own thing. The most important thing in life to her is food and setting on my feet at the computer. In that order. No this has nothing to do with Julia...just wanted to share...then I worked in the flower beds and didn't wear sun block..We Idahoans can't seem to get that you can get burned out there. Tomorrow after months of bad weather, I will go out to shop and see sunburned faces is what it is. Happy Sunday!!!