Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freedom of Speech and the all Amarican Boy

I had a very nice Saturday on the Football field with family and the joy of watching my Grandson play football. He even got a touch down, "I was screaming!" I got a sunburn! Other than watching Summit's game, was the pleasure of seeing kids helping kids. I saw a boy reach down to pick up someone on the other team. My feeling was that they just wanted to play the game, to win was special, but not more important than being apart of a team. It was a good day.
Summit age 9....number 20

Just a short post about my daughter Jenny. I am very proud of my stand up girl. Today she found out that her son Summit (9 years old)along with his whole school would not be seeing and hearing the President of the United States. That if it were to be seen at school everyone would have to wait till someone decided yes or no in the future. Jenny went and got Summit, brought him home and watched this amazing speech to America's children from the leader of the free world. Enjoyed these moments and then returned Summit to school. Jenny was the only parent in his school that went and got her child. I am sad for this country and this President who
gave this uplifting talk to our kids while parents were calling him names outside the school where he spoke.
Where is the love?????

Monday, September 7, 2009

Crafting with Friends

I woke this morning to the ringing of my phone. It was my friend Clarion asking if I was ready to do a craft this morning. So off to her house where 4 of us would learn how to making night lights out of plastic cups. We made twelve of them, and they are adorable. Glue on our figures and smiles and stories to tell...it was fun! Now I am off to eat a bowl of ice cream that I do not need, but will be very happy to eat!!!!!