Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who tried to please everyone but could not. She was lonely and afraid because she believed that she was Bad. Nothing ever lasted, if she became happy there was fear in that moment. Even though there were people who loved her, she never trusted that feeling. Love came with large amounts of mental pain. She often could not catch her own breath, and her heart would beat so fast that she thought it would come out of her chest. She was a lost child, and there are so many of them walking around wondering why they were left by there parents. What did she do wrong, wasn't she pretty enough, was she unlovable so they left her behind. Where they just to young to understand that the things they did would leave holes that could never be filled. And when they decided to bring this little girl into their life, anger took the place of the love she had been given by her care givers, her Grandparents. I would have loved to have talked to that little girl, tell her that she was worth something, that she was a good person and one day she would grow up and someone special would find her and love her forever.
My Arney

I go to church, but I left the SDA church when I was 14.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When I found this menu it took me back to a time when I would get a cherry coke or a ice cream at the cafe' within the store. It was one of my favorite places to go. My Mother would buy fabric or yarn most of the time. I remember the money would go into a tube of some kind and go up to a person on the second floor...that was really cool. This menu is from the 1950's. They had penny candy and popcorn too, it was fun looking at the glass jars of goodies. I can remember making that popcorn last all day. You could smell it the minute you came through the door. My Grandpa loved the cafe', he would be with us sometimes...he would get a cup of coffee, they filled it over and over for the price of the first cup. My little sister almost always had a little brown bag of candy when we got home, Grandpa loved to by candy for us kids. If you had a quarter, it got ya a lot. I remember when Mama decided we could have a couple of Turtles. You could smell the Hamsters, the fish and the turtles as you went toward the back of the store. She bought a glass or plastic bowl with a island with a Palm tree in the middle. You put water in the bowl and they could swim or go up on the island. We thought they were really cute, gathered flies to feed them. I know we named them but I can't remember the names. Our cat was interested in them too, so we had to keep watch over them. We had gold fish too, the bowl was always cloudy, you could hardly see them. We would get all nerves when they would flop onto the floor while cleaning the bowl. It was always sad when you found one floating on it's back in the bowl, Mama would flush the poor things down the toilet, I thought that was wrong, just wrong. So here is my little memories of the Woolworth...I hope you are having a wonderful day.
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