Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old portable table for crafting….

This table will never be known as a great beauty, but for me it a good addition as a craft table.

The sweet lady I bought it from was in her 90’s. She shared that this table had belonged to her mother. And that she used it as a sewing table as long as she could remember. When I told her that I would use it as a craft table, she was so happy. I could tell she hated to let it go. I paid five dollars for it. The table has a slight bow where her machine sat. Arney got most of the bow out. But it is old and only so much can be done.

Since it is a fold up table, I can put it away when it is not in use. Arney sanded it and I used Linseed Oil as a finish.

DSCN1643 DSCN1644

As you can see even the part that holds the legs is wood.  DSCN1651


Now I do not have to use my kitchen table or my coffee table to craft on.

Something very old made almost new and useful again.