Wednesday, December 21, 2011


imagesCAAYVNKR As we pulled up in front of my Son Cory’s last night…5 of my grandchildren came out the front door. Each giving a hug and Merry Christmas. Our evening was to give and receive gifts. Cory made Wonder cake, a sweet treat that he grew up with and now makes for his family.CJ (17) and Treyton (15) went to get Pizza while Arney and I enjoyed the girls Alexis, Avery and Halle. So many hugs, so much love. They are growing up so fast.The boy’s came home….We opened the gifts, and as always it was very special, but my gift came in the morning when my grandson Summit and my Son-in-law greeted me with a hug and kiss…and ended in the late evening when Cory, Kristie, CJ, Treyton, Alexis, Avery and baby Halle gave there love in a Hug good night…and a Merry Christmas. The gift is in the Hug the touch from the heart…Big Hugs, Mary