Friday, July 26, 2013

Headbands for Halle

Headbands 002 Here are the headbands I made to match the sundresses.

I will be making these for Bazaar this year. I knitted the band, used fabric that I made the dresses out of and made the flowers. A small flower in the middle.

Have a nice weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Birthday Dresses for my Granddaughter Halle…age 3

Halle 001 Halle's dresses 005 Halle's dresses 010 Halle's dresses 011 Halle's dresses 012 Halle's dresses 013 Halle's dresses 014 Halle's dresses 015

The pictures could be better. I have made headbands too, I will share them later. I hope everyone is doing okay, I have been busy with the day to day things that find there way into our life. It has been very hot and that is hard on the desire to do anything. Making these little sun dresses was fun, still have a little left to do. I hope she likes the pockets!!!

I have been MIA when it comes to comments, I will catch up when done with this project. Hugs:)