Thursday, September 4, 2008

contest entry

This is the image for the contest. Also the word...BOO. The challenge is to create in any medium. I decide to write a little story about a ghostly figure I have called Sara....

Click on the picture to read my little story. If you would like to vote go to Entry will be posted on the 8th of will see some really special creations. And meet some new people.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am knee deep in tomato!

I have tomato's roasting in the oven .....this is the start of Tomato Basil soup. I am also making spaghetti sauce, so my kitchen is dressed in red. We have Brandy wine, Roma, early girls, and Beef steak....I may not want to look at a tomato until January. No, I love them....but I can't eat the seeds. It will be 77 today and in the 80's this weekend....sending love and a little cool weather to Janet. Hugs, Mary

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Baxter sat just looking at Arney for the longest time. I had to take this picture and worse yet, I had to share it. This was about five in the morning. Do you ever wonder what your pet is really thinking?
Today Arney went in to see his Doctor to get the results of the tumor. Everything is healthy and he can go back to work on the 8th of this month. He continues to be sore, but he is doing great. He took me to lunch at the Le Mone Market, it was really nice. Our way of celebrating. Yesterday My oldest son turned 40 years old...time is flying. We spent the afternoon with him. He loves the Olive Garden so we gave him a gift card for a nice dinner there. I am knee deep in tomato's.... Big hugs to you all, Mary

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall is in the was cool this morning...tomatoes for the pot!

LB decided it was cold this morning and crawled under the sofa throws. Arney went tomato picking this morning and came up with the Motherload. We have been giving everyone tomatoes. I am making Bazil tomato soup this evening or tomorrow. It weighs over a pound.

Arney thought this was we are having a good day.