Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am in a 1920’s mood


I know we are still days away from Easter, but she is just to cute not to share.

Yes, for some reason only known by my Muse.And she seems to be hiding out leaving me with cabin fever and no desire to get very crafty.  She hasn’t helped me one bit in my quest to knit:( I seem to be ready to kick up my heals, but alas, I would fall on my oversized bottom. So it is fun to see the 1920’s without showing off my 2013 fashion statement which would be elastic topped pants and over sized T-shirts. Oh ya and my bare feet. I only ware shoes when I have to.. Oh my gosh, I am a Hill Billy Flapper…only I could think of such a thing. So for awhile I may bore you with some speak easy art Deco dreams.

Awl to be a Flapper!!!