Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year:)

DSCN1870 As you can see, we are having a very peaceful ringing in of the NEW YEAR……” What you don’t see is me drunk with my party hat on!! TEE HEE!

Looking back to 2011 was a year of change for me. Understanding my strength and limitations. Change is hard for me, We seem to set down rules for ourselves and feel that this is how it should be. But in truth life is a ever changing journey. Now to see if I can continue on the path I have set for myself? My Journey.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Little Lotus Flower….Annabelle


It is hard to have this little Sweetheart living so many miles from us. Bella had her first Christmas, and she was really apart of the opening of gifts, knew just what to do. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with those far and near. We are blessed…

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


imagesCAAYVNKR As we pulled up in front of my Son Cory’s last night…5 of my grandchildren came out the front door. Each giving a hug and Merry Christmas. Our evening was to give and receive gifts. Cory made Wonder cake, a sweet treat that he grew up with and now makes for his family.CJ (17) and Treyton (15) went to get Pizza while Arney and I enjoyed the girls Alexis, Avery and Halle. So many hugs, so much love. They are growing up so fast.The boy’s came home….We opened the gifts, and as always it was very special, but my gift came in the morning when my grandson Summit and my Son-in-law greeted me with a hug and kiss…and ended in the late evening when Cory, Kristie, CJ, Treyton, Alexis, Avery and baby Halle gave there love in a Hug good night…and a Merry Christmas. The gift is in the Hug the touch from the heart…Big Hugs, Mary

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Words that mean something special.

joy2 Have you ever noticed that if you smile in the department store or market, that those around you seem happier. This life is not all about me. I should pass on any Joy that I can even if it is a just a smile.imagesCAPNA2AT

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It’s Starting to Look a lot like Christmas



I hope you are all getting into the Christmas Spirit! This is our first table tree ever. Since Finley is chewing, we decided this would be a good idea. Also it has been years since I decorated a tree. We have a foodie tree for the grandkids each year. This year we will not be having the Christmas eve party, so we didn’t deck the Halls big time this year. I know this sounds strange, but I took the year off.

I will be making cookies and special dishes for the eve party at Jenny’s.

It is very cold here, it was 10 this morning and no snow….

Here is my new old chair table, I just love it…right now it has a tree on it, but it is a piece a furniture that I have been looking for. I bought it just a few days ago. 100_4889 I wish you all the Joy’s of Christmas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lake Lowell in Fall & Winter


I was sharing with my friend Mary the lake that is less than a mile from our house. In this picture there is ice forming. This beautiful lake has been very much apart of our families group parties, picnic’s, Kayla (granddaughter) graduation party, boating, Arney cannoning on this lake. Fishing,Swimming or just walking on the shore. I can ride my bike to the lake, and just relax with nature.

It would be so nice to see where you spend some really special times.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annabelle’s has her day with the Turkey’s

374920_307728679252101_100000449132373_1106921_1379909393_n Where’s the Turkey Mom!!!!383830_307727949252174_100000449132373_1106913_610661217_n

They made me where this, I don’t see a turkey on Mom & Dad’s chest!!!391115_307727589252210_100000449132373_1106909_1754169207_n

Happy Thanksgiving, Now we will see what Mom does for Christmas? Oh no, not a reindeer on my chest!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


100_3443 Baxter was born in a barn here in Idaho. He came to be our pet when my son and granddaughter gave him to me. And they kept his sister Coconut. He was so tiny and very sweet. Ready to be loved and love. He liked outside more than inside, and the sofa. He would not use a litter box, he wanted out. Over the years he had many fights, he was never very big, but I think he thought that he was.

Arney found Baxter in his bed, he had died in his sleep. Sleep well dear friend, you were a little rebel. Soft and sweet, you never really belonged to us, you liked your freedom.If there is a heaven for you Baxter, I hope there is a barn for you to stand on the roof- top, a field to run in just like home.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving memories…

thanksgiving9I can still hear my Grand mommy and Great Aunt Addie (sisters) giggling in the kitchen. They would share stories about growing up, or just laugh for the joy of being together. All the wonderful smells as one by one we got out of bed. Maple syrup and biscuits that floated to your mouth, and brown gravy from Grand mommy’s iron pan. Cold milk, hot coca, or coffee with real cream and sugar. My very own chair that was tall so I fit just right at the table. Granddaddy giving the blessing, and all the voices of family gathering around the table.

The turkey was in the oven and all day long Aunts, Uncles, cousins, coming for dinner. And I loved to see what each one made. I knew what was good from years past…stay away from Aunt Sylvia’s sweet potatoes. I could hardly wait to have Grand Mommy’s chocolate pie:)

Granddaddy made his heavenly hash….all that cream and sweet.

Everyone dressed so nice. I was to stay clean…not going to happen!!!!

All those faces in my memory, the hugs, the love.

People were just nicer on Thanksgiving, they understood that this was a time to be thankful for each other. No television, no cell phones. Lots of games and kids playing with marbles and hide go seek.

Dinner was a event, it lasted for hours, whispers and even some sleeping by the older folks. Teens playing ball in the front yard.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I will remember all the people who gave me reason to be thankful and share good food with all the sweet faces of today…yes, there will be a football game on teley, and every child has his own cell phone. And there will be games inside and out…and I will listen to the giggles of my daughter, and the laughter of my husband and son’s…and I will try to stay clean just like Mama wanted.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

turkey family

I am thankful for you, my friends in blog land. I can hardly believe this year has gone by so fast. It is a gift to see all that you create, what a blessing it is to have this place to share. I hope you are having a day that gives you love and Joy…we all need to be loved. It is snowing today which is a sure sign of the holidays here in Idaho. Looking forward to being here next year and being one of the Turkeys….

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finley “Finn”

 DSCN1585 Finley loves wearing his little shirts. Loves to hear me say that he is pretty. But Finn is all boy. He loves being out in the back yard rolling in the grass. Chasing Baxter our cat and brings in leaves, rocks and anything he thinks is fun. He loves to play in the rain and I am sure snow will be loads of fun.Finn turned 6 months old the first of this month, boy time goes by so fast. Wed he is getting his first hair cut. I want to keep him in a puppy cut, easier to take care of.DSCN1659100_4852

Sunny afternoon on the back yard bench.LB and Finn.



Finn gets his first haircut tomorrow afternoon…he has bed head.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is my Grandmother…

Ethel Alice Dotson 1935 001

Ethel Alice. I love this picture. She was a genital soul. She raised 5 children and a couple of grandkids. She loved to be in her kitchen, it was always the heart of her home. She had a day list of things to do Monday-Friday, each day had a purpose. Bake day, laundry day, heavy cleaning day and so on. I loved Friday, that was bread making day. The smell of yeast bread that she kneaded with those little hands. Her garden was amazing, she would bring in the veggies and that evening meal would be wonderful. She was not much of a meat eater, but she could make the best fried chicken ever. We did not kill our chickens, the eggs was their job. They all had names and were treated as pets. No one was ever turned away from her door, people were hungry in the 30’s.  I loved her chocolate pie, nothing from a box. Grand-mommy made my journey into life special because she loved me.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bella’s first Halloween….My Great Granddaughter:)



Kayla made this for her baby girl…… cut. Bella 5 months old.

Monday, October 31, 2011

“Who Killed Father & Mother?”


100_4842 100_4848

“Don’t Look Now, Here Comes Lizzie!”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old portable table for crafting….

This table will never be known as a great beauty, but for me it a good addition as a craft table.

The sweet lady I bought it from was in her 90’s. She shared that this table had belonged to her mother. And that she used it as a sewing table as long as she could remember. When I told her that I would use it as a craft table, she was so happy. I could tell she hated to let it go. I paid five dollars for it. The table has a slight bow where her machine sat. Arney got most of the bow out. But it is old and only so much can be done.

Since it is a fold up table, I can put it away when it is not in use. Arney sanded it and I used Linseed Oil as a finish.

DSCN1643 DSCN1644

As you can see even the part that holds the legs is wood.  DSCN1651


Now I do not have to use my kitchen table or my coffee table to craft on.

Something very old made almost new and useful again.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Legend of Lizzie Borden

It was 1975 when I watched the movie about Lizzie Borden. Elizabeth Montgomery played the part of Lizzie. It was a Haunting story and since it was based on a true story it stayed with me.

No one really knows if Lizzie killed her parents, but it looks very possible that she did. There was a history of mental illness in her family.

So on this Halloween theme, and with all the Haunting and soon there will be little monsters at your door, Here is Lizzie for your consideration…….Header_old



lizzieelizzied Lizzie with her church group. They say that she had a look in her eyes that made people uncomfortable.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scribbler….On my way home



Yesterday was hair cut day. I drive through a lot of farm country to get to Meridian where the shop is. I took this picture through my car window as I was leaving.

A little adventure in my soul. There is a old farm house that soon will be gone. I have gone by it so many times, but yesterday I stopped. It was a little scary because you never know what might be inside. As I was walking toward the house, I realized there might be snakes in the tall grass. But I continued on with mindless abandonment, this was my adventure. And this is what I found.DSCN1632 DSCN1633 DSCN1634 DSCN1635 DSCN1636 DSCN1637 DSCN1638 DSCN1639 DSCN1640 DSCN1641

And it smelled really bad…..but sometimes it is a good thing to step out of our safe zone….TEE-HEE

Monday, October 10, 2011

Art comes in many forms…….



I was so happy when I found these pictures. My daughter Jenny with the help of her husband Doug made this sweet collage of children’s hands. Each child had a clay tile and they pressed there little hands into the clay and then painted their own hand. Then Jenny had them fired, and put them all together with grout. Framed and then it was auctioned  at Summit’s school. It made almost a thousand dollars. Summit is pointing to his little hand…They were moving into their new home, still boxes to unload.

I had a older camera, I did not know it had pictures in it. U

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cold outside!!!


DSCN1620 DSCN1621

I wish these were clearer.

It was 39 degrees and they were cuddling on the sofa. Fall is here, and although it is sunny out, it is not very warm. Both my little boys are so sweet and together they are amazing to be with.

They had company yesterday, my friend Brenda brought over  her little “Buddy”and the gang had a great time. From time to time I just must share Finn growing up.

Have a great Sunday…Mary