Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Doctor's Order!

Where to start.....6 months ago our family doctor gave me the news that my Cholesterol was a little high. So my plan was to get it down on my own. I went in to get my check up just before Christmas and my test came back that it was still to high and that my Glucose Level was high. So I am taking sugar out of my life, keeping only the natural sugar that comes in fruit. Arney bought me a beautiful juicer, so I am doing some juicing to get me started. The goal is to get well which means low fat diet, weight loss and exercise...with medication to help me get the numbers down on the Cholesterol. It is all a little overwhelming, but I know that this is going to be good. Arney is helping me. He likes the juicer a lot...likes to play with it.
A little history....I was always too thin, most of my life I was under a hundred pounds. Like a lot of people, I gained weight in my late 30's and did not find out till my late 40's that my thyroid had stopped doing it's job. Because of my sinus problems my ear, noes and throat doctor gave me one shot a year to shrink the polyps in my sinus...this was a steroid. I let it all get out of hand after I stopped working. I do not eat a lot of food, but I eat the wrong food. I am not one to set down and eat a box of cookies or a bag of chips...but I do hunt for food, something to put in my mouth...just the wrong food. Late night is hard too. So I have some really bad habits to let go of.
I am fat...that is the truth of it, and I let it happen. So I am getting busy getting thin and healthy. I will share my journey now and then to let you know some of my milestones. I think it will help if I can put a few words on my blog, because it will be a daily challenge to get this done.
weight today 231 pounds.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at the Evans....

My cup runnith over....Thank you for a very Merry Christmas!!!!! It is Merry and Bright.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Foodies on the tree....Merry Christmas

Decking the Halls......

With Love from Our house to yours......HO HO HO!