Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank You Cards


It has been along time since I shared a project….so here is the start of cards of thanks I am making for those that made our Christmas so special. My plan is to make them into a little album of photos of our time together. I will share things as I do them. Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Have you ever opened a box that you have stored and do not remember what you put in it. I have been opening boxes these last few months. I admit to being a pack rat. I always think that I will use it later, or the kids will want it. And the truth is it just takes up room and is really of no use. Although I started this project in 2011, it has drifted into a new year. I found all the love letters my husband wrote me when we were kids in love. I plan to read them over this year…maybe I will share one in Blogland. So as I go through boxes one by one finding trash and treasures it takes me into the world of memories…not a bad adventure to take. Sometimes you find a special journey waiting in a box…..:)