Friday, October 1, 2010

ATC's From DJ

I really do not know where to start. I am well, but guarded. Doing everything I can to stay well. Colon inflammation is not easy to get rid of. I have missed everyone and at times have looked at your blogs. You are all so creative!!! To add to this time, I have been dealing with depression. Okay, I am a wreck! DJ and I did a ATC share that Janet and Lee put on this summer, and I got mine from DJ a couple of days ago. It is so exciting to get a package in the mail. I think she made two really fun ATC's, one is summer, the other is fashion, and the Box is a little treasure. Thank You so much DJ, this was fun.

I have been doing crafts from my sofa, some for Bazaar, some for our Christmas party. And the harvest from the garden has been so good. I made salsa, and roasted tomatoes for freezing...they will be so good when the cold winter comes.
We have had a very warm fall so has been in the 90's, but like most places this will soon turn to much cooler temps. The leaves have not started turning yet, but it will happen fast when the cold comes. I cut Savory from my herb garden this morning. All my herbs are now cut and will go to sleep for the winter.
Arney has been working on the barn, it has been leaking for sometime, so a new rough had to be done. He will probably finish this next week.
I really want to be here daily, I will try. Big Hugs, Mary