Saturday, February 13, 2010

Homemade Hearts

Lynn at Getting my Feet Wet wanted us to show as many hearts as we could find around our house. And since I made hearts with Lavender in them I thought this might be my found hearts.

Happy Valentines Day...I heart Ya!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day....Winter Olympic's

I have on my parka, and my snow boots....ready for the opening of the games. Arney and I love the Olympic games. I think my favorite is the figure skating. But for now we are getting ready to watch the opening night, always beautiful to watch. A cup of hot chocolate would teaste really good right now.
So what are your plans for your Valentine. I am backing cookies and using snow sprinkles to decorate them. They are a shortbread cook, or butter cookie. No big plans right now, so we will see what the day brings. I didn't go to lunch with the girls today. So spent the morning on the phone with Trevor. He is doing good, but it will take time. He goes in for Therapy this month, that is never easy. I haven't done another page yet in my Journal...but I have lost 15 pounds, people say they see it in my face and neck right now. So I continue, working to get that first 30 pounds off before I see my doctor. I hope you know that you are all a Valentine in my heart. Have a great day... she is yours to take.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Journal page 4 and California Coast

Don't you just love walk in the store and everything is red....Love is in the air! No candy for me this year. I have had a few hard moments and I have cheated a couple of times, but I think it is apart of the journey. I need to feel this in a personal way, I can pick myself up and dust off the sugar and start over again. I got out the sewing machine and did some of my stash of paper and made the striped background in reds. It is so true, you want to do more and more of them. Click to enlarge:) I want to thank everyone who commented on page 2 and means so much to me. Everyone has a story, it was healing to share this, to write the words even though it was painful. I almost didn't send it. Trust! I am working on that....
Arney bought me this a few days ago on line. I got it yesterday. It is a DVD of the coast of California. I can put it on the TV and spin away on my bike. I really didn't like the background music, so I will play something else while I am spinning down the Virtual Reality Road..