Friday, December 6, 2013

I know it has been way to long!!!

I could make a list of all the reasons I haven’t been posting, but it is easier to just say depression…it does come, and I its victim.

Got through Thanksgiving, now to give Christmas all that I can. First at my Daughters home on Thanksgiving day and then for games and sweets the following night at our Sons home. It was so nice!!!

I made little gift jars. These are for our teens and almost teens. They are filled with everything you might need to polish nails. These are for Christmas.

nails 052

nails 096

Went to the craft store and bought flowers and then added little rhinestones to them. then glue them on jars. I used Chalk paint for the label and chalk ink to put their first name letter on each one. You can see Finn is in the background, he hates crafting. nails 092 Each Jar contains different colors of polish, that way they can share.nails 097 nails 099 nails 102 nails 103 nails 083 Nampa, Old Town at Christmas time. It seems we have a snow storm coming tonight, but today the sun is shinning. My all your days be filled with the Joy of this Christmas season.