Saturday, October 17, 2009

There is a cow in my house and some charms

Friday I will be taking these to our church. There are 75 necklaces. I am done making charms for awhile. It took a whole lot of my time. But if a few sell that will be really good. So I am done with all the Bazaar crafts....OH MY what shall I do?????
I know that you are all so creative and probably would not have gone with this traditional Cow, but it had been ages since I painted anything, and this was what I had in me. Tilly will be traveling all over the region with my friend Brenda. She will be taking donations for real milk cows. Then they will be bought and sent to places where milk cows will help a family or families. I am not sure what Brenda will do to her next. But it will be fun to see what she comes up with, maybe a hat or a bell, if I get a picture, I will share it with you. Happy Fall, Mary and Tilly

I just had to put socks on her, it is cold!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Window seat/storage

This was my craft room. But it is also our entry room and what is called here, a mud room from the backyard. I could not keep the craft room looking neat, and everyone comes to the back door. So here is the framing of the window seat. We are using bead board on the front and sides. The top will open. I will be searching for fabric to cover the pillow top. I have a couple of things in mind. I will be painting it white to match all the trim in our house. It isn't a pure white, it is a little creamy. You can see that our tree's are starting to turn. I will take more pictures as it comes together.

In this picture inside the frame on the left side, you will see a place where there is gray putty.
When we were working on the floors, we found a can lid that was nailed over the hole. It had 5 cents on the lid. No pipes or anything, so after some thought we think it was where the old fashioned washer was drained. This room is right off the kitchen, divided by a island with my stove. We like that it is really open and yet still with some modern stuff. We think the kitchen had some TLC in the 50's. But you can tell that at one time there was a wood stove. The brick chimney is still here. We have had so many mysteries about our old cottage farm house. Most of them have been salved in remodeling.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

One of those days....

I woke this morning ready to ride my exercise bike, but I didn't. I was going to finish all my crafts for Bazaar, I didn't. Instead I spent the day cleaning, and spent most of my time in my bathroom. I know you have heard about the tooth brush cleaning....well today was mine. I detailed my bathroom. Every inch is cleaned with bleach which I hate to work with, but it was time. I know this is not a subject we would normally talk about, but when you have a bad back things don't get done when and as often as they should. I took my step stole in there and the rest is history. I told Arney when he got home not to use the bathroom until I had enjoyed it a few more hours. He seemed to understand and laughed.... House or crafting?????? Often I just do the basic stuff and the rest will have to just wait. The holidays will be here before I know it and I am so far behind that I would love to just hide for the next few months...I can blame it on Arney for being home for 4 months, but that is just one more excuse. So what is on the list for tomorrow, the kitchen. It isn't dirty, but it isn't as clean as I want, the places no one sees but me. I need to throw some things away or give them away to make more room for the next stuff I pile in there. It is just a endless job. I got my laundry kind of caught up, but until the remodel is done upstairs, it is where everything I need is. Add to all this the fact that I have moved everything out of my craft room. Arney is building me window seats in this room. I am tired of all the clutter, soooooo he is building this for me with storage. I can put all my crafts inside the window seats. I am going to buy a very pretty fabric and make large cushions and throw pillows. We have a back door family and friends. It will be nice to have this as a place just to stay pretty. This entry room has been many things, I hope this will be what I really want. So where will I do my art and stuff?At the kitchen table where I always find myself anyway. I have one of those tables that has been used for everything anyway. When I lived in a larger home, it was easy, but a small house is complicated. Could getting my house really in shape a art project? Maaaaybeeeee!