Saturday, January 30, 2010

Arney's Birthday & it is Snowing

It started snowing this evening...because it has been warmer than usual, I have some plants that will not like this...but I love it!
We all had a really nice time....not the best picture, but I think you get the idea. I made a very large chocolate cake. One box for each layer, and two different kinds of frosting. I didn't find my candles so put a votive on the cake. Like most things with us, there is a story about this cake. I got the frosting on perfect ( my perfect) which means it looked homemade. I had Arney put it in the ref. He closed the door, I went to get something and found that cake and frosting was stuck to the inside of the door. Oh No! So I fixed it. Arney put it back in the ref. and realized that the cantaloupe in the mesh bag was causing him the he took it out over the top of the cake and again messed up my frosting. It now had some funny looking design, but I decided it would just have to do. Knowing that it would taste really good anyway. And it did:) The last time I made this cake, Mattie ate a side of it...just before we were leaving for Jenny's Birthday a couple of years back...I almost cried.

Happy Birthday too my Dearest Arney!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journal page # 1

I really have started to enjoy this, it was just hard getting started. I see such lovely Journals and I am not sure this is my thing, but it is good therapy for me. I hope you enjoy these pages. I will be sharing some of my past as well as now. Click to enlarge.... Meet the No Sugar Fairy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Profile picture...

I have seen a few blogs with picture of when they were little, so being a copy cat, it seemed like it might be fun. I am two years old. My hair is red, my eyes are brown. I am very small for my age.

My Mother and Grandmother talked about how easy my hair was to curl. A little water and wrap it around their figure. I was a chatter box, would talk the ear of a elephant was what I heard. Somethings never change.

Here it is Monday already. Nothing much planned for today. I did started my first Journal pages. I will not be able to do one a day. Arney is home for a few days of vacation and we have some plans. Looking for ideas too.

It is cold and damp today...snow on it's way, maybe here in the valley.

Happy Monday, Mary